Spam Musubi Keychain
Spam Musubi Keychain

Spam Musubi Keychain

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Designed and trimmed to look like real spam musubi, this keychain is made of yarn and features a strip of seaweed that's made of leather!

→ Things To Know ←
Each spam musubi pom pom keychain is handmade, so the size and shape of the pom pom, as well as the leather piece may differ.

→ Sizing & Details ←
- Spam musubi pom pom is approximately 1.5 inches long. The total length of the keychain is approx. 3.5 inches.
- Pom pom is made with acrylic yarn
- Nori (seaweed) is made of leather

→ Product Care ←
- To keep your pom pom nice and fluffy, please don't squeeze or pull on it.
- Keep away from babies, children, and pets.
- Pom poms may require a little care with time: if needed, gently reshape the pom pom with your fingers and push wayward yarns back in place. Then use sharp fabric scissors to trim any excess yarn so the pom shape is uniform.