Gratitude Blooming Meditation Deck
Gratitude Blooming Meditation Deck

Gratitude Blooming Meditation Deck

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The Gratitude Blooming Card Deck includes a set of 39 reflective practices and themes integrating the science of gratitude, character strengths research, and nature therapy.

It’s great companionship for self-care practices like journaling, yoga, meditation, and an amazing tool to foster meaningful conversations with your friends, family, and co-workers. These make wonderful and thoughtful gifts!

The Gratitude Blooming Card Deck (3rd Edition) includes:

  • 39 unique gratitude themes with original artwork from San Francisco Artist, Arlene Kim Suda
  • A booklet with reflection prompts intentionally paired with each card theme
  • Beautifully printed, sturdy paper box with moon cuts to preserve the deck
  • Letter from the team with tips to start your practice

Sample themes: Joy and Presence, Healing, Discovery, Infinite Possibility

The Story of the Artwork
The drawings and handwritten themes in this collection are born of subtle moments of connection Arlene had with the plants in her garden. We invite you to make meaning from your own interpretations of the artwork and enjoy the sweet imperfections and mysteries of life.

“These gratitude blooming drawings are based on 'warrior' flowers that have shown up for me over the last couple of years. They have always felt like a reminder from nature to notice both the delicate beauty and the power of life -- the same beauty and power that can be found in each of us when we make the effort to really look and to trust ourselves.” - Arlene Kim Suda

Curious about the deck? Come in the shop and try it out for yourself. Hand sanitizer provided.