Dream Catcher - by Jesse Byrd

Dream Catcher - by Jesse Byrd

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This is the latest book by award-winning author, Jesse Byrd!

DB is a Dream Catcher!

But, not just any Dream Catcher. He’s 7-year-old Remy’s Dream Catcher which means his job is to protect her from bad dreams as she sleeps.

But on an important evening, DB gets trapped by the Bad Dreams and has to find a way to free himself and save Remy from having her very first bad dream.

Award-Winning Author, Jesse Byrd, teams up with renown illustrator and toymaker Nuttahphon Suriyavarakul for a story about pride, dreams and purpose.

Picture Book for Ages: 4-8

**A note from Tiffany, co-owner of Mischief: I had the pleasure of having Oakland author Jesse Byrd as a guest in my 5th grade classroom. My students LOVED him and really connected with him and this book, Jungle Tales. Representation matters!