Bel Air Sparkling Rose- Gummy Bears
Bel Air Sparkling Rose- Gummy Bears
Bel Air Sparkling Rose- Gummy Bears

Bel Air Sparkling Rose- Gummy Bears

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Made with California organic Rosé wine (oh very fancy)

Fresh citrus aromas and grapefruit, blood orange and watermelon fruit flavors accented with cherries, and notes of Earl Grey tea. This sparkling rosé gummy bear is both light, juicy and vibrant, with a crisp, mouthwatering finish that begs another taste!


Made in the USA

Made with REAL California Grown fruit! We are the new bear in town, and we're ALL NATURAL! YES, YES, YES! Someone has FINALLY evolved the humble gummy bear and pushed it into the 21st century for that millennial trendsetting generation. WE ARE CALIFORNIA GUMMY BEARS!

Our Gummy Bears are inside a newly designed resealable Kraft bag. We have worked tirelessly for over a year to create a bag that is not only Sustainable but also compostable AND biodegradable!
Organic, Vegan, Plant-based Sparkling Rosé Gummy Bears! With newly designed packaging specifically for our Organic gummy bears is fully sustainable!