Friendship Bracelet Kit - Dark
Friendship Bracelet Kit - Dark

Friendship Bracelet Kit - Dark

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Show your friends how much you care with a special handmade friendship bracelet! 

This kit comes with everything that you need to make at least 12 friendship bracelets, including a curated collection of colorful yarns, plus a Loome tool, which can also be used to make pom poms, mini-weavings, tassels, and cords. A perfect activity for all ages!


1. Loome Tool
2. 6 Wool Yarn Colors (Pale Pink, Lavender, Light Blue, Charcoal, Lightning Purple, Yellow)
3. 22' Cotton Warp Yarn
4. 2 Plastic Yarn Needles
5. Friendship Bracelet Quick Guide + Additional Downloadable Step-by-Step and Videos

How-To Make Loome Friendship Bracelets: Videos