Mini Boba Milk Tea Earrings (Wintergreen Straw)
Mini Boba Milk Tea Earrings (Wintergreen Straw)

Mini Boba Milk Tea Earrings (Wintergreen Straw)

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Calling all boba / bubble tea lovers! These fluffy boba milk tea pom pom earrings with ORANGE straws were made with you in mind. Playful and lightweight, our boba earrings are the perfect accessory for all of your boba adventures :)
→ Things To Know ← Each pair of boba milk tea pom pom earrings is handmade, so the size and shape of the earrings, as well as the placement of the boba (black yarn) in each pom pom may differ.
→ Sizing & Details ←
- Earrings are approximately 2.75" long and 1.25" at the widest point
- Pom poms are made with acrylic yarn
- Earring hooks are 14k gold-fill

→ Product Care ←
- To keep your pom earrings nice and fluffy, please don't squeeze or pull on them.
- Poms may require a little care with wear. If needed, gently reshape the pom pom with your fingers and use sharp scissors to trim around the pom as close to the edge as possible.
- Store your earrings in a clean, closed container, away from other jewelry and metals.
- Keep your earrings away from babies, children, and pets.
- Keep your earrings dry and away from lotions, oils, perfumes etc.

The Ponnery celebrates Asian American food and culture through pom poms! Each product is designed and handmade in San Francisco. We believe everything is cuter in pom form :)
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