Emoji Pom Pom Kit
Emoji Pom Pom Kit
Emoji Pom Pom Kit

Emoji Pom Pom Kit

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The pom pom emoji kit combines some of our favorite things: pom poms and emojis. This kit includes everything you need to make the adorable and hilarious emoji pom poms, plus accessories to make some emoji-pom earrings and an emoji-pom necklace!

What's in the Kit:
1. Loome Tool - Paper
2. Pom Pom Trim Guide
3. Reusable Bobbin with Floss (for tying pom poms)
4. Yellow Yarn (enough for 8 emoji pom poms)
5. Black Yarn
6. Earring Hardware
7. Knotting Cord
8. Needle

What You'll Need:
Sharp Scissors & Glue

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